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Ara’s Circle Funkyfies Afro Caribbean Beats And Jazz

Ara’s Circle builds bridges between cultures. The multi-international line-up based in the Netherlands creates music as colourful as the bird, a beautiful mix between Latin American music, Jazz and Funk. Ara’s Circle music is pure joy. This has been expressed in their first album: “That’s It” which was declared in 2014 “Album of the week” at Latin Jazz Network in Canada and won "The Akademia Music Award" in the United States of America in January 2016.

Sunday, 22 November 2015 16:31

Ara do Brazil

Ara do Brazil: Pathfinder a land far, far away, a bird called Ara do Brasil was dreaming about a circle of musicians, who would accompany him on the path through tropical, funky and jazzy music. The music had to be challenging and danceable.

Finally,...after thousands of miles in a far country named The Netherlands just beyond the ocean his dream were about to come true. In 2013 Ara saw a small light in the distance. It was a cozy fire surrounded by a group of open-minded and warm-hearted musicians.

After a while the musicians agreed to fly with Ara. He was very happy and started to find the path which is called ARA'S CIRCLE.

Saulkrasti Jazz LV

Saulkrasti Jazz LV

Breda Jazz NL

My Samcha

That's It