Ara’s Circle Funkyfies Afro Caribbean Beats And Jazz

Ara’s Circle builds bridges between cultures. The multi-international line-up based in the Netherlands creates music as colourful as the bird, a beautiful mix between Latin American music, Jazz and Funk. Ara’s Circle music is pure joy. This has been expressed in their first album: “That’s It” which was declared in 2014 “Album of the week” at Latin Jazz Network in Canada and won "The Akademia Music Award" in the United States of America in January 2016.

Ara's Circle An Unforgettable Journey

Written by Ieva Kalnina Saulkrasi International Jazz Festival Latvia:
Ara’s Circle at XVIII Saulkrasti Jazz Festival 2015. Ara’s Circle performed on Saulkrasti Jazz Festival stage on Thursday at July 23.

The journey in which Ara's Circle took the audience was unforgettable – wide palette of Latin jazz music and tunes that won’t leave your head even long time after performance. Maria's voice brought so warm feelings that no one wanted to leave even after the performance. All members of Ara’s Circle are great professionals as individuals. What they create together as a band is fantastic!

As teachers Ara’s Circle team was remarkable. Students were surprised how easy it is to learn complicated things. Many of the students admitted that in the very first day of the instrumental master class they already learned a couple of new things they had never heard about. And this is the experience only professional musicians can give to the student, no one else.

At the last day of the festival when the student concert was held we were able to see the great work Ara’s Circle had done during the week of master classes. For Saulkrasti Jazz Festival the student concert is the most precious moment of the week and Ara’s Circle did an amazing work that not only the festival appreciates but all members of the workshops.

Saulkrasti Jazz Festival
4th september 2015